2 Aug 2009

The www.bbnovisad.com project part II

So here we continue with the www.bbnovisad.com project.
The photos were made this time with a Canon digital still camera with an APS-C sensor what gives us 3:2 width/height ratio. So the photos this time are 1024 x 683 pixels in 72dpi.
The thing I've learned from this photo session was: Never underestimate "a few pictures shoot". I thought a quick in and out in half hour will do it. Well - I was wrong.
The first problem was the white blance. Two spaces with different lighting and the dominant red wall. The flash was bounced from the ceiling (which was white as it should be) but the natural light and the red wall gave me some headache.
I started in the "we'll do it qucickly" way setting the WB to "flash" - no good. After a couple of shots I've changed to AWB(auto white balance - like all the pros do :) ) - still not the best.
Bottom line, I've ended up manually setting the K value for WB for both spaces differently.
The second problem was the crop factor of the sensor. My 28 - 75 mm lens with the crop factor 1.6 (28 - 75 x 1.6 = 45 - 120mm) did not give me enough wide angle (45mm) for such a limited space. This couldn't be overriden in the given circimstances. But I'm still confident that the pictures are more than usable for the purpose.
So, below is the result with some work on it in Photoshop. Some improvements were done to the visual feeling of the photos like cloning out some light switches, using blur tool on sockets and some free transform tool on streightening some paralel lines with the picture borders.
So if I count it all up it took me almost an hour for every single picture to shoot and prepare for uploading.
Some might say: - I've could done all of them in 15 minutes with a point and shoot camera.
Well - be my guest.
This makes the difference between a taking snapshots and photography.

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