21 Aug 2010

Corporate Photo Shoot Part I

The actual photo shoot took place at Pin Computers headquarters back in July but till now no pics were publicly released so I’m just posting the pictures “How they were made”.

I would like to thank my colleagues for the team effort to make this happen (Mr. Kuvizic, Mr. Bakalic, Miss Marina K. , Mr. Ljubotin and for the work photos to Mr. Dusan Ignjatov).
The selected pictures are supposed to describe the fine atmosphere which is essential for a good photo shoot. No fun, no good pics.

7 Jun 2010

Juliette Lewis press conference @ Novi Sad

It's not every day that we have American movie stars in Novi Sad, so....
I'm trying for a while now to describe the whole event, the press conference but it's kind of slipping from out of focus. My comments would be too wide and specific, so let me just make a remark from the front row that she is a really charming young lady.
Here you can find the data about her http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000496
Here is the official site of the event that the press conference was about http://www.cinemacity.org
So let's just go to the main thing.... here are the pictures